iPhone 14 Pro after 6 months, how much change compared to the X?


At first glance, we note that the phone is different, since the edges of the iPhone are straight and it takes a while to get used to this new sensation, noticing that they dig into the hand. On the front side, we find the dynamic Island, that marks the evolution in five years in the iPhone, abandoning the revolutionary notch and gaining more volume on the screen. This island is interactive, adapting to the application that we are using.

Regarding the back of the iPhone, the rear camera module now it takes up more space and is thicker, almost forcing you to put a cover on it so as not to break the cameras in a few days of use. The big difference I’ve noticed from my previous device is the weight, which amounts to 200 grams, and which, the first days, is very noticeable. Lastly, the size, It’s a little bigger than my previous device, being a very good size where I can perform the same functions with one hand. Of course, if we want to write a long message in iMessage, if we are going to have to use both hands.

user experience

The screen of the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro, with its Pro Motion technology, it has a very good balance to be able to enjoy content and also to be comfortable when carrying it in my pocket when I am a type of user who is not passionate about large devices.

We continue talking about the screen, the technology of always-on screen It’s another huge leap from the previous generation, because it’s not included in any other device. It is true that it consumes a large percentage of your battery, but you can quickly get information on your iPhone. I thought it was a great idea for the Apple Watch, and I think the same for the iPhone.

iPhone 14 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max

A minor section is iPhone 14 Pro performance, The A16 Bionic chip offers spectacular performance in all scenarios. However, I have said that it is a minor section because the differences are true, but they are not acute in relation to the performance that the iPhone X gave. This quality of its processors shows the good work that Cupertino does every year with its devices.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Silver

Lastly, we have the autonomy, which is a big plus point. It is true that it continues with the Lighting connector, but with the 30w charging connector, and its charging capacity means that this device lasts for a day or a day and a half without problems. The iPhone X, from its beginnings, had a fairly fair battery to get to the day, now I can give it the use I want without worrying about its autonomy.

Photography and video

The photography and video making It is one of the strong and differential points, not only with the iPhone X, but even with the most immediate generation. The results are very good, better than I expected and I had seen in all technology blogs, where the colorimetry and resolution are very good.

Photo iPhone 14 Pro

In it video ground, There is little or nothing to add, since we find ourselves with the best camera in the telephone industry today and it complies with this pleasantly. Video recording in 4k or ProRaw mode show the power and scope for development that Apple has in this field.