iPhone 14 Pro: Always-On Display will not be “Always-On”

It will be a week since Apple presented us in the Keynote on September 7 all the news about AirPods, Apple Watch and the new iPhone. We continue to describe new features of the Pro model before they start reaching their first owners later this week and the latest has to do with the Always-On Display that, despite contradicting its own name, will not always be “ON”, since in certain circumstances, it will automatically turn “OFF” (and we already told you that it is a very intelligent way to save even more battery).

Apple has implemented several ways in which the Always-On Display on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max turns itself off. For example, the screen will intelligently turn off when the user leaves a room where they leave their iPhone while it is also connected to the Apple Watch. That is, if we leave the mobile somewhere and move away (it will be detected thanks to the Apple Watch, using the proximity data in the connectivity between the two), the screen will turn off, saving battery.

Another way Apple has implemented this functionality is when we put our devices in our pocket or put them upside down (The iPhone is able to detect this by the proximity sensor that it also uses to know when we bring it closer to the ear on a call). In this way, the screen of our iPhone 14 Pro will turn off completely and help save battery when we can’t look at it at all.

During the keynote, Apple did not mention any of these features when presenting the Pro models, but they are one of all those that are always kept in the inkwell so that users discover it for themselves when they receive their terminals.

Meanwhile, the two Pro models this year also equip a Much more efficient OLED screen with refresh rates of up to 1Hzenabling Always-On Display functionality with minimal battery consumption that doesn’t compromise battery life (at least noticeably to the user). Also the A16 Bionic chip is much more efficient so battery consumption is also reduced.

There is very little left to receive and enjoy the new flagships of this year to which Apple has put so much care. We will see how this new screen “always” wakes up in users and the possible use that we can give it thanks to third-party widgets.