iPhone 14 Pro Display Bug Issue Will Be Repaired Soon

When they turned on their iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max screens, some consumers noticed horizontal lines. It appears that Apple has now acknowledged the problem internally.

Soon after the debut of the iPhone 14 series, reports of the display problem surfaced, and it only seemed to impact the Pro versions (see the image below via Redditor 1LastOutlaw). No information was available on whether this was a hardware flaw or merely a software fault. Thankfully, MacRumors has access to an official memo that clarifies the situation.

iPhone 14 Pro Display Has Bugs

According to the letter, customers of the iPhone 14 Pro model may “report that when they power up or unlock their phone, they momentarily see horizontal lines flash across the screen.”

According to the source, iOS 16.3 is presently being tested by developers and participants in the public beta program, but the update won’t likely be made available to the general public for at least a few more weeks. Following the launch of iOS 16.2 last month, it is anticipated that the tech giant will release iOS 16.2.1 to remedy the problem and other faults being faced by customers, according to the report.

In related news, the US-based IT behemoth intends to reduce its reliance on outside display suppliers like Samsung and LG. Instead, the business intends to use internally made panels for its products, including the iPhone and Apple Watch. According to sources, Apple will deploy microLED screens for the first time on the Apple Watch Ultra in late 2024, but the company plans to use them in a variety of other products as well.

The business will add these cutting-edge screens to the iPhone 14 Pro and other gadgets. Even though these screens could be produced by an outside vendor, Apple will design and engineer them to suit its criteria in the coming days.