iPhone 14 Pro Includes Secret Toggle For Opting B/W Mode On Display

iPhone 14 Pro is offering users a constantly on-display screen that differs vastly from other Android phones. This iPhone works similarly to an Apple Watch that has the always-on option. For both the phone and watch Apple offers informative widgets as well as similar colorful wallpaper. Nonetheless, the screen light is dimmed. 

Secret Toggle Feature Of iPhone 14 Pro 

Lately, a lot of people are purchasing the brand new iPhones available on market. The customers are getting a happy surprise that is seen in their reviews. There is a hidden always-on mode for the iPhone display. Initial reviews show this hidden toggle helps users forgo any annoying on and off features. 

It requires users to use the “Dim” option of the lock screen for the constant Focus mode and this eventually keeps the always-on mode of their display. This feature also helps in completely darkening the always-on mode of display in both the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Pro. 

Enable Always-on Black And White Lock Screen 

After focus mode gets activated we will find the Dim option put into action. After this new iPhone 14 Pro activates always-on action for the display, the entire lock screen changes into an unpretentious black-and-white mode. 

This mode will show the time and date which gives a sophisticated look. If users have customized wallpaper that will automatically get blacked out. Although, this mode has disadvantages like Dim options transform the lock screen during the usage of the phone. 

Lastly, we must keep in mind that Apple offers several customizations that are not always useful. Users mostly want changes in their lock screen without affecting the normal screen. Apple is providing features to attract more users and this new feature is just one of them.