Will iPhone 14 Pro Max Get Outperformed By Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? 

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the latest product Apple and it is also their flagship phone that is offered to Apple users. On the other hand, Samsung has also introduced their brand new flagship phone named Galaxy S23 Ultra which was launched at the beginning of February 2023. The iPhone 14 Pro Max arrived in the market towards the middle of last year in 2022. Eager users must also note that both products will come at a sky-touching price tag that will exceed the 1 lakh mark that offers several interesting features. 

Speed Test For iPhone 14 Pro Max 

Ardent followers of iPhone 14 Pro Max are eagerly waiting to find out the results of the speed test against Samsung Ultra Galaxy S23. This test will determine which flagship device is faster, hence more viable. The robot has started many programs that test both flagship phones and give unbiased results. The test has shown that the flagship phone by Samsung has surpassed Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. Samsung’s flagship device has a slight edge over Apple’s flagship phone according to the test started by the app called Filmora. 

Features On Flagship Phones

It is a widely-known fact that all smartphones launched by Apple have always been faster in comparison to any other android phone. Nonetheless, this speed test proved it to be wrong for iPhone 14 Pro Max. It is also seen that this device has performed comparatively better in starting games and Google Trends. 

The gaming activities in the Samsung flagship phone needed 2 swipes as compared to one for Apple’s phone. The difference in speed was merely one fraction of 1 second but this has a lot of value. This speed test seems to have changed many previous facts. Description: The iPhone 14 Pro Max by Apple has not performed as fast as Samsung’s Ultra Galaxy S23. Both flagship phones are available on market and people can decide for themselves.