We know that there are unlikely situations that come to light over time and with users using their devices with new features implemented. One of them is the one that is running through all the networks of people who are reporting that their iPhone 14 running iOS 16 is calling 911 for being on a roller coaster at an amusement park.

Apple presented in the Keynote last September a new functionality in the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro that none of us will want to try: the automatic detection of traffic accidents. To do this, heThe iPhone 14 makes use of an internal accelerometer, measuring the G force that it suddenly suffers in addition to using other sensors such as microphones to detect loud sounds and thus call emergencies in the event of an accident. Or when it seems that there has been according to the parameters, as is the case that we are telling you about.

The new functionality appears to kick in on roller coasters due to the acceleration the device can take and the loud noises the rides make mixed with the screams of people riding them. This has caused 911 to receive various false traffic accident calls from the iPhone 14. At least, there is an alternative solution to the one that Apple releases in a new update to the system and functionality.

These options are none other than put on airplane mode before riding the attractions to prevent the device from calling emergencies or directly turn off functionality in Settings / Emergency Calls. With this we will prevent our device from activating by mistake in an attraction and calling emergencies by activating the traffic accident protocol in our location.

It is always very striking how new daily activities appear that affect our devices and that neither Apple nor anyone else could have thought before the configuration of its functionalities. Another nice bug that users report and for which we will have to wait for a solution from those in Cupertino.