iPhone 14 Will Be Getting 8 GB RAM

Speculations are afoot about the new iPhone 14 which would be using 8GB RAM- something most news reports have been speculating. Traditionally, the trillion-dollar company in the United States has also been quite shy in developing a smartphone that would have a high RAM and a huge battery capacity- but the company has always been using the same RAM and camera-combination in most generations iPhones. When the Apple iPhone 13 was released in 2021, it saw the phone containing 6GB RAM, and 128 GB of minimum internal storage but now it is expected that the newest one would have 2 GB added onto it. 

iPhone 14 Bringing With Itself A Host of Features

The development could take place on the iPhone 14, as the company improved upon the iPhone 12- with a 6GB RAM and a 64GB Internal memory- with the iPhone 13- which ditched the 64GB variant. It is being understood that Apple could be unveiling the series 14 in September. Previous records do highlight that Apple prefers the month of September for its flagship launches of that year. 

It is also being expected that the company would bring out a whole host of changes in the design elements of the iPhone 14 series. As far as most reports go, Apple could possibly ditch the mini version with series 14 and bring out new iPhones in the form of the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Max, and the 14 Pro Max. 

The latest addition in the iPhone 14 should ideally be the punch-hole display instead of the notch display that it has always been using. Some people have also guessed that the newest iPhone could see itself with a 120 Hz refresh rate panel. The newest iPhone could also see a 48MP tri-camera setup.