iPhone 15 Pro Has Vibrant New Colors

The September release date for the new iPhone 15 Pro is still almost half a year away, but that has not stopped rumors from surfacing. In addition to the images we saw last week, today we now have another computer-generated image of the iPhone 15 for your perusal.

This is the speculated flagship color of the iPhone 15 Pro, depicted here. The hexadecimal value for this dark red is #410D0D. Keep in mind that this is only a concept meant to demonstrate Apple’s planned color scheme for the Pro and Pro Max phones this year. For the iPhone 12 and 13 generations, Pacific Blue was the Pro line’s sole hero color, whereas, for the current iPhone 14 generation, Sierra Blue and unique variants of Space Black and Deep Purple have served as the hero colors. 

iPhone 15 Pro Will Have New Colors

Sometime later this year, you will be able to order the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max in a special dark red finish that Apple’s marketing team will undoubtedly give a catchy name.

Apple’s new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus come in a variety of colors, including pink (hex code #CE3B6C) and light blue (hex code #0DB1E2), among others. Disclaimer: This is only a rumor, and even if Apple is seriously considering utilizing any or all of these colors, some of them may not make the cut when mass manufacturing of the next-generation iPhones begins. Bear in mind that Apple did, at one point, work on a gold iPhone X and that it even made it as far as the FCC certification process before being scrapped.