There have been many rumors and criticisms that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have received since their release. Overheating, battery, fragility… and in light of the latter, last week, the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel did a test bending the iPhone 15 Pro Max as if it were the 6 with its bendgate. But Consumer Reports has proven its fragility with a “more scientific” method.

According to the test that they have been able to perform in which They subject the iPhone 15 Pro Max to more than 100 consecutive falls on a rocky surfacethe iPhone has only suffered some scratches minor without being totally broken. Additionally, Consumer Reports subjected to a pressure of up to 100 pounds (approximately 45 kg) in the center of the device and it supported it without bending or breaking anywhere. You can see his entire article and the test videos in his own publication.

Given these tests, everything seems to indicate that The hardness of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is not as bad as social networks show us with their viral videos. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, together with the new titanium equipped (and which has also received so much criticism) is a device of great hardness and flexibility capable of withstanding “routine” knocks and pressures. Of course, it is a device and is not made to suffer major accidents, in these cases it will always have a worse fate.

On the other hand, Apple has spoken this week about overheating problems that they are giving so much to talk about and will be fixed in a future iOS 17 update. We ran out of things to criticize the iPhone 15 Pro Max for. What will be next?