iPhone 15 Renders Leaked

The most intriguing and divisive design modifications for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have recently been revealed as a result of the leak of fresh, in-depth CAD files that 9to5Mac was able to access. Let’s dissect them.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max may really feature a shorter back camera hump than its predecessor thanks to an innovative, space-saving periscope (optical zoom) module, according to the 9to5Mac CADs (drawn by outstanding 3D designer Ian Zelbo). 

iPhone 15 Details Have Been Leaked

The iPhone 15 Pro, on the other hand, has a huge back camera hump that is nearly as thick as the phone itself. The latest CADs reveal the 15 Pro Max features amazingly small front bezels, as best shown by Zelbo’s exclusive Twitter photograph. According to leaks, it will be thinner than the Xiaomi 13, the current record holder, measuring 1.81mm, at just 1.55mm. The iPhone 15 Pro will have a curved chassis that bridges the gap between the rounded iPhone X and the angular iPhone Pro models in prior years. This will make the phone more comfortable to handle. 

Case-less owners should love the adjustment, and it also looks terrific. Undoubtedly the most unpopular design update has been revealed: the Solid State Volume and Action Buttons. The action button, which will replace the mute button and whose function(s) may be customized in settings, is shown in the 9to5Mac renderings as a single flat volume strip flush with the phone that may be operated by swiping up and down. The render at the top of this post reproduces the color code Apple chose for the new iPhone 15 Pro model finish, which is 410D0D.