iPhone 15 VS iPhone 14 Pro Which one to buy?

Design and screen

He iPhone 15 is a newer device than the iPhone 14 Pro and therefore in terms of updates, the 15 series is going to receive more updates than the 14 series. However, Pro series has more features than standard series, despite the fact that this year they have included the famous Dynamic Island and other new features. We are going to make a mini comparison below.

To all this, we have to add that the Construction materials The Pro series are better than the 15 series, since the new generation is made of aluminum, while the Pro series is made of stainless steel.

We also have to add the refresh ratewhere the iPhone 14 Pro has a rate of 120 Hz, while the 15 series continues with its 120 Hz refresh rate. The only aspect where the iPhone 15 wins with respect to its predecessor is in the USB-C inclusionApple’s new connectivity standard that, despite the fact that the file transfer rate is the same as the Pro generation of 2022. Of course, you save yourself from carrying the Lightning connector and having to carry 20 different chargers in your suitcase It makes everything more comfortable.


The cameras may be where there are more differences between generations, since the iPhone 15 has 2 cameras, while the iPhone 14 Pro has three cameras and a LiDAR sensor. It is true that the iPhone 15 has inherited new functions from the Pro series camera, such as the possibility of taking photos at 48 mpx, recording video in 4K or a substantial improvement in cinema mode. However, the Pro model is still above the new generation. We have proof of this in the optical zoom The Pro series has a capacity of x3, while the new generation only has a capacity of x2. In addition, the camera has better focus modes and better flexibility in different scenarios. Therefore, going from a 14 Pro to a 15 is a leap backwards.

iPhone 14 Pro Max overhead

With respect to Video recording, let’s analyze it now a little more in depth and we also find differences. It is true that both have great quality when recording video, but it is true that there are only some specific functions such as the Pro Ress mode that is only available in the most professional mode or the Raw mode is only available in the Pro mode, which means that the most professional options are still in the Pro series.

In what cases would you recommend going from a 14 Pro to a 15?

We have seen that the iPhone 14 Pro is a superior device to the iPhone 15 and, therefore, it is not advisable to go from an iPhone 15 to a Pro model because we would be taking a step back on all levels, except for the processor, in the design and the UBS-C connection.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Now, if there is a case where it is worth buying the iPhone 15 It is if you have had the previous generation and you have felt that it has not gotten all the performance out of this device and you are a user who wants to have a device for several years and you don’t care about not having the latest news from Apple. In this case, if you manage to sell it at a good price, you can get the new generation of iPhone at zero cost, because you can sell it to buy the 15, since the difference between both generations is more than 300 euros.