iPhone 15’s Details Leaked

Even though the iPhone 15 series won’t likely be available until the autumn of 2023, there are still many unanswered concerns regarding Apple’s next smartphone. A USB-C port will the iPhone 15 have? Will Apple raise the price of the iPhone in 2023? Any mention of what the “iPhone 15” will it receive? Nobody outside of Apple is certain, but until Apple holds its next iPhone event, the rumor mill will undoubtedly pique our interest. Here are some of the largest and most reliable rumors we have heard so far to give you an idea of what the iPhone 15 may look like.

iPhone 15 Design: Embracing USB-C Charging

Given that iPhones sold in the European Union must migrate to a USB-C connector by 2024, the charging port of the iPhone is the design speculation that has generated the most interest so far. Whether Apple would upgrade all iPhone models to USB-C or only those offered in the EU is the subject of debate. Apple already makes regional modifications to its iPhone models, as shown with the iPhone 14: The US edition has an electronic SIM, while other models still have a SIM slot.

However, Avi Greengart, a Techsponential analyst, thinks Apple has excellent reasons to switch all future iPhones to USB-C. With the iPhone 15 range, Apple is probably going to keep offering four different iPhone models. According to rumors, all versions will have a mostly similar look, with the exception that the Dynamic Island cutout from the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to appear on all of them.

This speculation originates from display analyst Ross Young, who also stated in a September tweet that the supply chain prevents base iPhone 15 models from having a greater refresh rate than Apple’s Pro iPhones.