iPhone SE 2022, Can We See Another iPhone SE?

The last iPhone SE was announced by Apple in 2020 and there have now been reports of a new model, that might launch in 2022.
Let us look at the things that are known about this phone.

The main idea behind the iPhone SE is to offer a smaller version of the iPhone, which is also cheaper.


They have tried to keep the price low by using the design of an older phone, which is why the first-generation iPhone SE released in 2016 looks like the 2012 iPhone 5 while the iPhone SE (2020) is practically indistinguishable from the iPhone 8 released in 2017.

Apple offers small-sized phones too, like the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini. Even though they rock bigger 5.4-inch screens when compared to the 4.7-inch ones on the iPhone SE models, both Mini models are smaller in size than the SE. However, these phones are priced way higher than the iPhone SE 2022, which is starting at just $399.

The iPhone 12 Mini costs around $599 and its successor costs $100 more.

The SE’s launch does not have a clear pattern as it was first launched in 2016 and a second-generation model followed it in 2020. This explains why there might be doubts about a new model coming two years after the previous one. However, some of the sources that have reported that a new model will launch this year are credible. So it is safe to say that a new iPhone SE model is indeed coming, and it is expected to arrive with upgraded features and maybe even a new name. However, the design will remain unchanged.

The All New iPhone SE

The new iPhone SE is reported to be planned for an early summer release with improved specs. There are no specific details yet save for a 4.7-inch LCD display and a 5G support, but a new processor, improved cameras with new features, and hopefully a bigger battery to augment the addition of 5G are expected upgrades. Since the design is reported to be unchanged, it should also have support for Touch ID via a front-mounted fingerprint scanner.

There is a strong likelihood the current model will be discontinued after or even before the 3rd generation model is announced, which means Apple can once again call this new model the iPhone SE. Also, while some of the upgrades planned for the new phone include 5G support, Apple has never been among the brands to include the word “5G” in the name of a device. It didn’t do so when it announced its first 5G phone, the iPhone 12, so the possibility of it doing so now is pretty low.