iPhone SE 3: Apple Plans On Ridding Touch ID

Although the iPhone 14 will take a long time to come, the iPhone SE 3 will be here pretty soon- something that we wouldn’t have to wait for long. This would be the new version of the budget-friendly 2020 iPhone SE, which could come as early as next month. There have been many upgrades that fans would expect from the next cheap smartphone of Apple- especially with competitors like Google and Samsung constantly improving their own cost-conscious devices. The new price of the iPhone 11 could also potentially make the $399 iPhone SE a much tougher sell for those who are in need of a cost-effective device from this company. 

iPhone SE 3 Should Come With Optimum Features

Fans of Apple would really like it if the new iPhone SE 3 could come with some major improvements over the last smartphone.  The wallet-friendly price of the earlier model implies that it does come with a few compromises, particularly when it comes to the camera lens. And if the company decides to keep the pricing of the next iPhone SE as competitive as the version of 2020, it probably won’t change much. 

Nevertheless, fans would love to see a far higher-resolution front-facing camera in the new iPhone SE 3 for video calls and selfies. The current iPhone SE has a 7MP front camera like the iPhone XS. The iPhone 11 and the newer devices have a 12 MP front camera with a far wider field of view. Now, while the rear camera of the iPhone SE does lack the dual-lens setup that is turning increasingly common on most phones, the single-lens wide camera is still pretty impressive. 

One of the most impressive features of the iPhone SE is that it usually comes with the same processor which is available with the iPhone 11, which ensures that it won’t feel sluggish. While the A13 Bionic chip inside the iPhone SE does pack a heavy punch, the new iPhone SE 3 could find itself with an edge if it gets outfitted with a newer processor.