iPhone SE 3 Passes The Drop Test Without The Ceramic Shield

Apple’s new iPhone SE 3 has the same amount of glass as the previous model, which may cause some users to be concerned about its durability. However, according to a recent drop test, the iPhone SE should be able to withstand breaking just as well as an iPhone 13.

Those purchasing a new iPhone SE will discover that, while it can be shattered, it should be able to withstand abuse just as well as the higher-end iPhone 13 models. When Allstate Protection Plans did their drop testing, it discovered this. The less expensive iPhone 13 alternative proved to be as sturdy as predicted.

iPhone SE 3 Performed Better Than Originally Expected

The Cupertino firm boasted that the 3rd-generation iPhone SE was so durable that it could survive accidents and falls owing to its “toughest glass” when it first unveiled it.

After conducting tests, Allstate concluded that what Apple had said about the limited-edition smartphone was correct. Allstate put the iPhone SE through its paces during the Breakability Tests. It went through a series of tests to see if it would shatter instantly if it fell. Furthermore, the “six-foot” durability test includes drops in face-down, back-down, and side-down positions to provide a detailed picture of the iPhone SE 3’s impact. When it comes to Ceramic Shield, this smartphone lacks the same protective function as the iPhone 13. 

Allstate experienced the same outcome with the later iPhone 12. The low-cost smartphone was dumped in a face-down position at first. Surprisingly, it passed the drop test with flying colors, with only slight scuffing, according to 9to5Mac.

Allstate set the iPhone SE 3 in the rear position for the next drop test. It was discovered that both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 had withstood the impact of everything. It’s also worth noting that all three phones have the same glass.

The iPhone 13’s flat edges, according to Allstate, are the basis for its immaculate appearance. These portions opened the way for greater protection, which is far superior to the round edges of the SE 3.