Latest iPhone SE Survey Claims That 40% Of Users Will Purchase It

It’s finally here — a new model in Apple’s cheap SE series – after a two-year wait. The iPhone SE (2022) starts at $430, which is $30 more than the previous model, which is no longer available. This is also perilously close to the $500 iPhone 11 model (for the same 64GB storage). Even if you don’t afford the extra $70, there are a few reasons to acquire the new SE.

iPhone SE Will See Many Android Users Shift To iOS

The chipset is the most noticeable – the Apple A15 is two generations ahead of the competition and is both more powerful and efficient. The iPhone SE (2022) will likely get lengthier software support as well, while Apple isn’t in any hurry to retire the iPhone 11.

The A15 also has a 5G connection, but the iPhone 11 only has 4G. Another factor is the SE’s smaller and lighter size (194g vs. 144g). Yes, the iPhone minis are even smaller, but the 12 mini will set you back $600 and the 13 mini will set you back $700.

There’s also the fingerprint reader to consider. We understand that not everyone is pleased with Face ID, and the SE is the only iPhone with a fingerprint reader. Even the iPhone 14 series, it appears, will not reintroduce the FP reader (not even an under-display one). There are also arguments for the iPhone 11. Because it is a bigger phone, it features a larger display, 6.1″ vs. 4.7″ (same pixel density). It also features a 7000 series aluminum chassis and improved water resistance (IP68 vs. IP67).

The 11 also features improved cameras, with a 120-degree ultrawide lens on the rear and a 12-megapixel selfie camera (vs. 7MP). There’s also the fact that neither phone supports MagSafe.

According to a recent poll, 40% of iPhone owners want to purchase the iPhone SE. However, it is not set in stone. The iPhone SE will undoubtedly perform admirably.