iPhone SE 5G To Bring Speed To People At Affordable Rates: Several Upgrades Expected

Hours ahead of the ‘Peek Performance’ Apple event on Tuesday, there are rumors that the 3rd generation iPhone SE 5G that is one of the three products to be unveiled could feature Ceramic Shield, MagSafe, and much better battery life.

At a price point of $399, some features will be great buys for the iPhone SE 5G. some features are expected to remain the same. For instance, there will not be any significant design changes and the new launch will continue to resemble the present iPhone SE 2020, which again takes after the 2017 iPhone 8.

This present-day iPhone SE at present comes in red, white, and black, and it is expected that the same colors will be available in the updated version.

The iPhone SE 5G version will sport a 4.7-in. display with a Touch ID Home button and thick bezels. While it is rumored that the future version of even low-cost iPhones will transition to Face ID, it is not expected with this set.

The rear end of the iPhone SE 5G will be of glass, allowing wireless charging, though the MagSafe technology is not included. Like earlier models, the 5G version will be IP67 dust and water-resistant.

There are also no changes expected in the present battery life as there have not been any design updates.

Major Strong Point Of The 2022 iPhone SE Will Be Its 5G Facility At Affordable Rates

The major addition to the new models is its 5G connectivity. Apple plans to make 5G affordable in its range of iPhones. The lowest-priced 5G iPhone remains the 12 mini at present. But the 2022 iPhone SE is expected to be a great deal at a great price.

When it comes to connection speeds, the iPhone SE is expected to be equal to the iPhone 13 standard and pro models.

Chip speeds are also expected to be faster for the upcoming model. Apple could go for the A15, a standard in the 2021-released iPhone 13 model.

Storage space could start at 64GB, with 128 and 256 options available.

Improvement can also be expected in the updated camera, with the latest Wide-Angle from the iPhone 13. The current model sport a 7MP front, and a 12MP rear camera.