iPhone Ultra: the model that will change everything in 2024

Strong new rumors started coming out yesterday that Apple is considering a big hit on the table and change everything in 2024. It would change from the shape and design of the iPhone to the existing line introducing a new model that would (even more) increase the price over the iPhone Pro Max. And all this would come in just one year, with the iPhone 16 range.

All this could be brought out by Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter in Bloomberg. He new Ultra model would help boost the average selling price of the iPhone even more, with Tim Cook hinting in the earnings session with investors that consumers are willing to pay more for the better phone. And it is that according to rumors, This Ultra model would arrive with a price close to €2000with a notable increase over the Pro Max range.

Apple has been steadily raising the price of its higher-spec iPhone model, starting with the jump to iPhone X that crossed the €1,000 barrier for the first time in 2017. Then, it added a Max screen size to the lineup starting in 2018, also raising the price for consumers who want the iPhone with the biggest screen and best battery life. Yes, besides. we want to add the 1TB storage option (first introduced with the iPhone 13 Pro), the best current iPhone (iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB) is priced at €2,119.

This is what Tim Cook means that consumers have clearly demonstrated that they are willing to “splurge.” Based on the results, it is believed that iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models (with a higher price) have worked well this cycle, compared to the cheaper iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Hence, the hypothetical Ultra will start with a price well above the €1,469 base price of the Max.

Gurman says it’s currently unclear what features the new high-end model might offer, but he speculates that an even bigger screen is a possibility, as well as better cameras and even more cutting-edge chip designs. However, he doesn’t expect a foldable form factor to be the differentiator; Apple is not currently believed to be working on foldable phones. In addition to a bigger screen, better processors and improved camerait has also been rumored about the possibility of not bringing ports, possibility of 8K video and a radical change in materials, something closer to the Apple Watch Ultra with titanium.

Gurman adds in his newsletter that Apple, instead of renaming the Pro Max to “Ultra”, would add an even higher-end iPhone on top of both Pro models. In other words, Apple would be considering changing the iPhone line that we currently know to have an entry iPhone, perhaps a Plus as well, the two Pro models that we currently know (Pro and Pro Max) and finally the so-called Ultra. Thus adding one more modality to the iPhone line.

As you know, Apple kicked off the name of a product like Ultra with the Apple Watch last year. The Apple Watch Ultra offered an even larger screen, a titanium body with a unique industrial design, and some features not found on other watches, such as enhanced diving capabilities, a siren, and an action button. It is because of that After bringing an iPhone Ultra, we think that it should have a totally different body than the current models and those that will come in 2024.

We’ll see what all these rumors are, but if so, would mean that the changes to the iPhone 15 lineup next September would be minor to what has been rumored, being able to include the Dynamic Island in the entire line as the main novelty. Thus leaving the final fireworks for 2024 and not taking away from Apple Reality this year. It makes quite a bit of sense.