iPhones Made In India Triple Apple’s Sales

According to a new report released today, the value of iPhones made in India quadrupled during Apple’s most recent fiscal year, with the nation accounting for $7B worth of the company’s devices.

From 1% in 2021 to roughly 7% in 2018, it reflects an even greater growth in the proportion of iPhones built in India. Apple has known for some time that it has to lessen its reliance on China as a manufacturing hub, but the effects of the pandemic at the largest iPhone assembly factory in the world brought the issue into sharp relief. According to estimates, the COVID-19-related outage cost the business $1 billion each week.

Indian-Made iPhones Are High In Demand

Only the original SE and variants intended for domestic sale were initially produced in the nation by Apple’s suppliers. Even some of the newest 14 models are now produced in India, and an increasing amount of the country’s output is shipped for sale in the US and other countries.

Apple hopes that production of the 5 will start simultaneously in China and India. Last month, it was revealed that a new Foxconn plant in India will be around half the size of the enormous iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou, China, also known as iPhone City. 

The majority of that $7 billion, or around $5 billion, was exported.

Apple is not just growing exports but also selling more of its goods within India than ever before. According to a recent market intelligence assessment, iPad exports to India increased by more than twofold in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The first two Apple Stores in India are scheduled to open next week after years of preparation and negotiations; a 22-brand exclusion zone will surround at least one of them.