Is a case necessary for the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch are devices that are always with us and are located in a part of the body that is susceptible to blows, such as the wrist. Therefore, many users may think that the best option is to buy a case or a screen project, but, Is these accessories necessary? In this post we are going to see it.

Is an Apple Watch fragile?

The short answer is that the Apple Watch it is not fragile, since it is a team that has the best construction materials on the market. However, if we analyze the long answer is that the Watch is resistant, but It largely depends on the luck factor. Due to the fact that the same fall can cause the device to break and other times not.

Of course, not all falls cause the Apple Watch to become a “paperweight,” since, if the break is the screen, With a mild or moderate severity, you can probably continue to navigate the WatchOS interface without a problem, although it is best to go to an Apple Store or authorized service as soon as possible to prevent the breakage from getting worse. Otherwise, and the fall or blow is strongit can cause the screen to stop working and perhaps a replacement is more interesting than repairing the unit itself.

Is it worth putting a case on Apple Watch?

In this sense, it largely depends on the type of covers that you are going to add, since, in general, the cases for the Apple Watch are cases less aesthetic and that, it can break the nice feeling you get when you use the device. Therefore, the most advisable thing would be to put a protective cover in the event that you are going to carry out sports that may cause it to break. Plus, adding a case makes your Apple Watch more heavier, coarser and no longer fits the wrist so much.

Another option is the possibility of using a projector glass to screenSince the Watch screen is prone to scratch marks on the sides and on the screen and that does make it look very ugly visually. In addition, there are screen protectors that cover the sides, which gives it a greater touch of protection.

Lastly, it is important to note that the Apple Watch Hermes version They also present the same problem as those mentioned above, although to a lesser extent, since they have better construction materials.

Can we avoid scratches?

The stripe marks As a result of use, it is something that Apple has minimized over the years, but it is true that they are very prone to scratching and all users who have had Apple Watch from the first generations to the current ones have had this problem in greater or lesser extent.

Apple Watch_green

In short, unless you have the Apple Watch UltraAll of them can get their screen cracked or scratched in a drop or in everyday use. And why not the Apple Watch Ultra? The answer has to do with its construction materials, since it has a Sapphire crystal and its construction materials are titanium, which gives it unprecedented greater resistance.