Is an AirTag necessary in 2023?

In a world where we have more and more connector accessories, it is very likely that from time to time we forget a Gagdet or we do not know for sure where we have our wallet, mobile phone or suitcase. In response to this, Apple launched the AirTag in 2021, but, Is it a good option for 2023? Let’s analyze it below:

AirTags, a good option for 2023 and 2024

AirTags have a very simple function that they fulfill perfectly: object tracking. Their accuracy, durability, and water resistance, along with the ability to emit sounds for easy location, make them virtually unsurpassed in their field. Of course, despite the fact that it is compatible with most of the iPhones on the market, the most advanced and specific are only available for iPhone 12 onwards, due to hardware features that are included from the last generation.

This little Apple Gadget is connect easily to the Apple Find My network, where you can select the type of accessory you’ve lost or can’t find. In addition, it tells you the distance to which it is located and its location in Maps, because other Apple devices in the vicinity can detect the missing accessory and send its location to your iPhone.

Finally, the AirTags are located inside the apple umbrellathat is, they comply with all the measures of security, privacy and end-to-end encryption which allows that, despite the fact that another iPhone knows the information of this accessory, it cannot access or have specific information about it.

I better wait for a renewal

The need for AirTags largely depends on your personal style and habits. If you are a person who tends to have everything under control and you work from school, then an AirTag may not be essential for you.

Belkin AirTag and Keychain

AirTags work through batteries, that is, they use very small watch batteries that last for a year and a half. The replacement of these, as well as the notice thereof, It is not comfortable or easy, so you have to periodically remember and review the battery life of each one of them. Plus, if you’re concerned about the environment, batteries No are a product easy to recycle And that, it clashes with Apple’s philosophy of zero emissions.

Another aspect to take into account in this Gadget is that you need to have accessories yes or yesOtherwise, it is much easier to lose and prone to bumps or scratches. Therefore, this strategy is linked to Apple’s strategy, in which the product per se is not the final price you pay for it, but you always have to add some increase more at its price. Besides, his size It is not entirely small and it can be annoying to place it in wallets or sunglasses cases.

Two AirTags

TO mode of conclusionIn 2023, AirTags are still a valuable tool for many, but they’re not necessarily essential for everyone. At the end of the day, only you you can decide if an AirTag is necessary for you. As we always say in the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, take a pen and paper and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this team for you.