Is Apple Arcade worth it? My experience after 1 month

I have been testing it for a month, as it offers this time for free as a trial, so you too can purchase it and have your own opinion. And after that time, I tell you what I think, and if I will continue with it.

Will I continue with Apple Arcade?

In summary, for those who do not know what it offers, it is a subscription service to more than 200 games for free and unlimited, (once the fee has been paid, of course), with which we can download all the desired ones and use them as long as we want.

The difference with most games in the App Store is that thanks to this service we can enjoy all of them without ads, without purchases within the game itself and both online and offlineso for train trips where we don't have coverage, or simply to spend some time while we are in the bathroom, they are not bad at all.

It is true that after trying many, there has not been one that has hooked me too much, although I have to say that there are quite a few interesting onesat least casually.

Now, is it worth paying 6.99 euros every month to not have ads or purchases inside? I would say no, it seems a bit excessive to me, however, there is one point that I have not yet commented on and that changes everything.

And this service can be shared with up to 5 other people, that is, we can enjoy it up to 6 at a time, which means that for just 1.16 euros per month we would have access to all this. Things are different there, because for that price I think it is profitable.

We have all been somewhere without coverage, or bored waiting for someone at some point, and most games in the store today require data, since they show us ads or require them to save the process. Apart from how frustrating it is to have to make payments to progress.

With Apple Arcade you won't have to worry about any of that, and although 7 euros a month seems excessive to me, if we share it, for practically 1 euro, it is different. So, in short, give it a try. You have 1 month free. And once you're done, think about whether it was practical for you. Now you will only have to search for a family in iCloud and share it with them.

As a trick, I can tell you that the trial month is also allowed to share, so you will only have to activate the sample each month, and you will have half a year with Apple Arcade for free. From there you already think about whether to continue or not, depending on whether they add more games or we have the same ones forever, something that would be boring in the long run.

And you, have you already tried Apple Arcade? What did you think? Leave us a comment with your opinion.