Is it advisable to buy an old iPad mini in 2023?

Why buy an old iPad mini

For starters, iPad minis have a very nice size and comfortable for many people. In fact, its mini surname is its strongest point (in the context of this iPad range). In addition, its 7.9-inch size already focuses it on a more specific type of use: consuming content.

Although the newer models have support for Apple Pencil, the older ones are handled “as before”. Therefore, they are suitable devices if we want to simplicity and ease of use. But simplicity does not mean sacrificing quality, because the screens in this range, although old, offer very good image quality.

With an iPad mini you can’t do everything

It is true that the limitation of the older software is usually a determining factor when opting for this type of iPad. All the new features that the versions of iPadOS incorporate are left out, from the iPad mini 1 to the iPad mini 3. Only the iPad mini 5 supports iPadOS 16, while iPad mini 4 supports up to iPadOS 15.

However, from the iPad mini 2 to the iPad mini 4 we have compatibility from iOS 12 to iOS 15. Older versions, but still functional. And the vast majority of apps and games offer support for these versions, even if you download previous versions of the app. Likewise, they are compatible with iCloud and Apple Music, so we can still enjoy these services.

ipad mini 5 screen

Therefore, they are ideal to be “the iPad at home”, designed for browsing the internet, watching videos on YouTube, playing music or consuming streaming platforms. An iPad designed to consume content, in a basic and simple way. In addition, they can be your new electronic book, since their size makes them ideal for reading books, without having to hold a bulkier device. Also, if you are looking for an iPad mini for your children, but you are afraid of spending a lot of money (and that things that we do not want happen later), the older iPad mini can be a good alternative, since the price will be much lower not if we buy an iPad mini of the latest model.

We do not recommend the first model

The best options for buying an older iPad mini in 2023 range from the mini 2 to the mini 4. However, the first iPad mini model (launched in 2012) is the most limited of all, in many ways. For a start, does not have a retina displayso the quality compared to its successors is significantly lower.

Also has the older processor, the Apple A5. And although the iPad mini 2 has the A7 chip, the performance is much better. Also, the latest version of iOS that it supports is 9.3.5, when the vast majority of apps have established compatibility starting with iOS 10. So, overall, if you want an older iPad mini, we recommend starting with iPad mini 2 onwards.