Is it advisable to put an AirTag on a dog?

However, why haven't you done it yet? Today I am going to tell you the benefits of purchasing one of these products for your pet, and once you finish reading it, I am sure that you will finally decide to do so.

Should I put an AirTag on my dog?

More and more people are deciding to do this. Nowadays there are multiple accessories for our pets, and carrying one of these is very comfortable. That is why people, including myself, are purchasing AirTags for their dogs. The reason is very simple, to avoid losing them.

And nothing ever happens, until it happens, and An Apple locator is one of the best and cheapest solutions for it. We can find it for around 30 euros, and we will have a device for many years.

Furthermore, thanks to the leashes and collars with support For them, your dog will not lose it or remove it voluntarily, but you will have to be the one to remove it.

But what are these devices for? If you don't know how an AirTag works, it's very simple. Your iPhone will mark your dog's position on the map at all timesyou only need another iPhone to be within close range, something that will always happen, since, unless it happens in the mountains, far from the world, your dog will pass by dozens of people in a short time.

In addition, the apple product has another peculiarity, and that is that we can mark it as lost, thus indicating the contact information to anyone who approaches our dog (who has an iPhone).

It is true that dogs have a chip, but in many cases, the police or the people who take care of a lost one have no way of reading it, either because they do not have the device, or because the chip does not work correctly. Thanks to the AirTag you will know if they are at the police station, in a shelter or in a private home, and you can go directly.

The battery of these devices lasts more than a year. And it will warn you about 2 months before it runs out, so you shouldn't have a problem even if your dog runs away for days. If there is an option to find it, with the AirTag it will be possible.

And you, are you one of those who already had this device on your pet? Or are you one of those who have thought about it, but can't decide? If you are one of these latter, don't think about it, for less than 50 euros you will have the AirTag and an accessory for your pet to wear. Surely if something happens you will think that that is not money. Not only a car or a bag deserve it, right?