Is it bad to charge the iPhone with the Mac?

On occasion, we have forgotten the charger and we have resorted to charging the iPhone with the Mac, although we all know that it is not the best option both for charging speed and for the efficiency of this process, but, Is it advisable to charge iPhone on Mac continuously?; Can it damage the battery of our device? In this post we are going to see it.

Is it bad to charge the iPhone with the Mac?

In general terms, charge iPhone with Mac It does not represent any risk to the useful life of the battery or to the integrity of the device. In fact, both devices are designed to work together and the Mac operating system, macOS, is compatible with the charge and sync from your iPhone.

Continuing with the thread in question, it is important to note that the Loading processalthough they are compatible, it will be Slower compared to using a wall charger, especially if the Mac is running tasks that consume a lot of power, such as video editing in Final Cut Pro or scene rendering in Blender.

Another of the problems that can occur is a more pronounced wear of the mac battery, Because this equipment uses its own battery to charge the iPhone, which can generate higher power consumption and, in the long term, decrease the battery capacity of your laptop.

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It should be noted that charging iPhone with Mac for prolonged periods of time it can cause an increase in the temperature of both devices and, who has more chances of suffering damage is the iPhone because it has less temperature control features than Macs. Finally, if you are going to use this option, it is best to use official chargers and, that they have the official Apple certificate, in order to avoid problems in the future.

Recommendations to take care of the useful life of the battery

Despite the fact that we know that batteries lose performance over time, there are different ways to slow down this process and be able to enjoy it for longer. Let’s see some recommendations below:

  • Do not perform full charges daily: Device batteries work by charging cycle. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to charge from 0-100% of its capacity, but it is always good to keep the unit’s battery between 20% and 80% to prolong its useful life.
  • Performs a full charge cycle eventually To keep the iPhone battery in optimal condition, it is recommended to perform a complete charging cycle at least once a month. This involves charging the iPhone to 100%, then letting it fully discharge, then charging it back to 100%. This allows a complete calibration of the battery and have a percentage when we see the percentage that we have in the device.

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  • Cool environment: prevent the iPhone, when we are charging it, from reaching extreme temperatures, since this can affect the useful life of the battery and the performance of the internal components. If you notice that any of the devices is getting excessively hot, disconnect the iPhone from the charger.

In conclusion, charge iPhone on Mac occasionally it shouldn’t cause significant problems. However, to maintain battery life and optimal performance of both devices, it is preferable to use a wall charger whenever possible and resort to charging iPhone on Mac only when necessary or in specific situations where it is most convenient.