Is it better to replace the battery or buy a new Apple Watch?

He first product from the Tim Cook era was the Apple Watch, a product with difficult beginnings and which has ended up becoming the undisputed leader in its sector. However, despite its multiple benefits, the battery is one of its weak points of this generation of device, since, after two years of operation, it may have reached significant degradation. Therefore, in this post we analyze the following situation: do I renew the Watch or change the battery?

price and performance

replace battery Your Apple Watch is a cheaper option than buying a new device, especially if you’ve purchased Apple’s extended warranty plans. Therefore, if the performance of the device continues to be optimal and the only fault it presents is its duration, then replacing it would be the best option. profitable.

Next to the battery situation, we have to analyze the device status. If the device is still working fine and only has battery life issues, then replacing the battery may be a viable option. However, if the Apple Watch has already met several years of use and it begins to show signs of wear, such as software glitches or deteriorating features, then investing in a new device is probably the best option.

Finally, you have to take into account that if the warranty period to concludedthe replacement costs you have to do on your own, an aspect that would have to be analyzed if a device of two or three years it is worth making an outlay based on its differences with the most recent generation.

sell it?

He resale value of your current Apple Watch may be another factor to consider. If you decide to replace the battery, you may be able to sell the used device to a Reasonable pricewhich would allow you to recover part of the investment in the new Apple Watch.

hand and apple watch

If the device has additional problems or has lost much of its market value, the difference between the cost of the battery and the resale value could be minimal, making the option of buying a new Apple Watch and leaving this Watch to use in the future more attractive. Apple Trade In service Or gift it to a relative.

New functions and features

The hardware news that Apple includes every year in the Watch is another Heavyweight when renewing the device or replacing the battery. If the current version includes many differences regarding your Apple Watch or if they are very interesting to you, perhaps the most recommended option is to renew the device.

From the opposite point of view, and the Apple Watch are very Similar in terms of design and performance, the most convenient and economical is to replace the battery and continue using the current device could be enough. Really, this is the Apple’s current situation an Apple Watch series 8 with very few differences from the series 6.

In conclusion, the choice of change or replace the battery It depends on you. Aspects such as device performance, new functions and features, warranty and technical support, as well as resale value. It is important to evaluate each of these aspects based on your personal needs and preferences.