Is it worth having an iPad without updates?

The iPad has been positioned as a very versatile product line within Apple. From the most basic and entry-level models, for working very easily and consuming content, to the Pro models, which are truly computers. Together with the iPadOS operating system, we have a perfect tandem. But what if we want to go for an old iPad? Is it worth having an iPad without operating system updates? We are going to see it in this post.

The software is as important as the hardware of the equipment itself. But beyond that, there is something that is also fundamental: the uses that we are going to give to the iPad. So, there’s really no definitive yes or no. We simply have to take into account what we are going to use the iPad for. From now on, we can tell you that if you are looking for an iPad to work with, to use with the latest versions of applications and, ultimately, to squeeze out all the power it is capable of providing, we can tell you that no, it is not worth having an iPad. iPad without updates. So, below we are going to explain some of the situations in which this type of device can be useful.

as a book reader

iPads can be excellent e-book readers. Thanks to the different display options of the system, and the different configurations that we are allowed to carry out in the Apple Books application, we can set the shades of the screen to our liking, in order to have a more comfortable view.

Beyond the settings, it is also important to note that many iPad models without updates allow you to download content in Apple Books from the store, as well as import documents in .epub and PDF formats, to be able to read them in the app. And if Apple’s solution does not convince us, we also have access to other applications and services with which we can consume this type of content, such as, for example, the Kindle app, with which, in addition, if we synchronize our Amazon account and We have Prime, we will have access to the free Prime Reading book catalog.

To watch series and movies

Whether we have them stored in iCloud, the local memory of the device, or we consume them through streaming platforms, an iPad without new system updates will also fulfill its function in that regard. If our model has any version of iOS or iPadOS, between 10 and 16, we will have much more room for maneuver when it comes to installing applications from platforms that are compatible with older versions of the iPad.

In addition, we must take into account those devices that, although they are no longer updated, have the Files application, which arrived with iOS 11 on the iPad, and thanks to which we have direct access to our synchronized iCloud files.

Files Icon

Video games, but with limitations

There are two ways to enjoy video games on the iPad. On the one hand, we have applications that can be downloaded directly from the App Store. On the other hand, we have the Apple Arcade service, which is available on any iPad that is compatible with iPadOS 14, onwards.

If we have an iPad that is more recent, but that no longer updates and that offers us enough power, this will be a good video game console, since we can have greater performance. Here, the limitation depends on what our model is capable of offering.

Orange Apple Arcade cover