Is it worth paying for extra iPhone storage?

iCloud plays an important role in the way we manage our storage on the different Apple devices we use on a daily basis.

Why iCloud?

The storage dilemma

At first, when you purchase a new Apple device, we are given 5GB iCloud storage without any additional cost. However, for many users this storage space may be insufficient. Apple offers solutions with 50GB, 200GB and 2TB plans, available for monthly rates, and has even recently added even larger options. 6TB and 12TB for the most demanding users.

Another option is the function Share with family iCloud+ allows you to share storage between up to five family members, which not only optimizes the use of space but is also an economical solution.

iCloud is essential for photo backup and storage

iCloud's ability to perform automatic backups on any Apple device it is one of its functions most valued by users. This feature ensures that important data is always safe and accessible at all times (as long as you have an internet connection), eliminating the need to create manual backups.

For photography enthusiasts and those who have large libraries of photos on their iPhone, iPad or Mac, iCloud is also a tool that can be very worthwhile. In this case, iCloud allows us, not only store and sync photos and videos across devices, but also access them from anywhere as long as we have an internet connection, either via WiFi or through mobile data.

Integration with Applications and Services

iCloud integrates seamlessly with a variety of Apple apps and services, such as Notes, Messages and Mail, facilitating cohesive data management accessible from any Apple device, and even from Windows through iCloud for Windows, although with some limitations.

If you're still on the fence about paying for more extra storage on your iPhone beyond Apple-specific apps, iCloud works effectively as a general cloud storage service, similar to Google Drive or OneDrive, allowing users to store files and access them from anywhere.

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Conclusion: iCloud is worth it if you are in the Apple ecosystem

iCloud has become an essential tool for many Apple users, offering not only the security of having private cloud storage, but also a series of services and benefits that improve the user experience. However, choosing an iCloud subscription to pay for extra storage on your iPhone should be based on your personal storage and data management needs. It is also possible to investigate alternatives such as Google Drive or Dropbox, although these are outside the Apple ecosystem and this could pose compatibility or fluidity problems in some cases.