Is the Apple Pencil expensive? Here are some alternatives

There is no doubt that the Apple Pencil is the best option to get the most out of your iPad, but it is also true that it is not the cheapest and that for many users a third-party alternative may be enough. In this post, we mention some alternatives very interesting for the different iPad models, and although they do not have the same functions as the official one, many of them are more than enough for daily use of the tablet.

Stylus Pen, the best alternative for iPad

This Stylus for the iPad is designed for all models of the “budget” iPad or student iPad, and that works with the tenth generation iPad, the last major renovation, although it has been compatible since the fifth version.

Makes similar functions than the first-generation Apple Pencil, such as generating lines of different thicknesses by changing the tilt angle, anti-palm touch function, and high sensitivity. It also comes with three replacement tips and most importantly, it has an input USB-C to facilitate charging, leaving the Lighting connector.

Kokabi, the multipurpose pencil for the iPad


In case you have two or more iPad devices from different market segments, we attach an option “all terrain” since you can use the same Stylus for the cheap iPad and for the iPad Pro.

Among its characteristics, the possibility of three different colors: black, white and grey. Like the official Apple Pencil, it generates different angles of inclination and thickness of lines depending on the position of the Stylus. In addition, it has three power levels so that you can better adapt your workflow. For the Air and Pro models, has magnetic charging to prevent falls and charge the device. In the case of entry models, it has a USB-C to charge the device and be able to use it quickly.

Metapen A8, the cheap Stylus


The cheapest Slylus comes from the Mepaten company, compatible with all iPad models, including the fifth and sixth generation iPad mini. This white sytlus is compatible with fast charge where you can quickly charge the pen in 30 minutes via tethering USB-C. The tip of the iPad designed in such a way that it can avoid scratches on its screen and includes a set of spare parts to be able to change the tip when it wears out. Among its best features, it is the possibility to draw thin and thick lines and the possibility of being able to tilt the pencil to easily carry out graphic design work.

Lastly, the Stylus It does not feature the design of the first generation iPad, but of the second generationwhich prevents it from sliding across the desktop surface, avoiding unnecessary falls or displacement.

Which one do we stay with?

The best option of the three discussed in this post is Kokabi Styluswhich is compatible with all versions of iPad and has very interesting functions such as the possibility of establishing different levels of work, power and precision.

The possibility of having a variety of colors, magnetic charging capacity and charging via USB-C makes it the device that best adapts to the different Apple iPad devices, since the first generation iPad still maintains the connection via Lighting.

Leave us in the comments which is the Stylus that best suits you