Is the Apple Watch Hermès worth it?

The Apple Watch is a device that can be considered from various points of view: an extension of our iPhone on the wrist, a watch that saves lives, or a fashion accessory. Watches are part of the clothing culture, and Apple knows that. For this reason, for a few years, they have had a close collaboration with Hermès, and in this post we will see if it is worth it (or not) to buy an Apple Watch Hermès.

The Apple Watch Hermès is a more luxurious watch

The Apple Watch Hermes It is still an Apple Watch Series 8, but it has the aesthetic stamp of the Parisian fashion firm Hermès. The collaboration between the two brands adds to the (already historic) joint work between Apple and Nike. However, on this occasion, both brands are committed to a more exclusive audience. Although they are watches with a high price, they do not come close to the price of the first Apple Watch Edition, but they do have their stamp of exclusivity. The only change at the software level is very subtle, as it incorporates exclusive dials designed by Hermès by default. So it is only worth it to us, if we are looking for a more luxury item, with Apple features.

As for the hardware, the changes are cosmetic. On the one hand, we have an Apple Watch with the Hermès logo engraved on the watch itself and, where the most attractive part is, the straps designed and manufactured by Hermès for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Hermès They are sold in two sizes, 41 mm. and 45mm., and in two colors that are space black and silver. But in the straps, it is where we find a lot of variety.

We have leather, stainless steel, braided, one-turn (Simple Tour) or two-turn (Double Tour) straps, each with different colors and high-quality clasps and stitching. Of course, keep in mind that there are certain very specific models of straps that are only compatible with the 45mm size. However, there are dozens to combine and collect.

how much does french design cost

The collaboration between Apple and Hermès comes at a price. Being watches aimed at a more selective audience, the cost of the product increases. So, to illustrate the price increase, let’s see how much the “standard” Apple Watch Series 8 and Hermès cost, in their basic models and in the more expensive models.

  • Watch Series 8 of 41m. part of €499
  • Watch Series 8 45mm. part of €599
  • 41mm Hermès watch. part of €1469
  • 45mm Hermès watch. part of €1549

most expensive hermes watch

But unlike the Series 8, the Hermès series ranges much more in price with its straps. And it may be the case that we have 41 mm watches. more expensive than 45mm. by the design and materials of the straps. Curiously, The most expensive Apple Watch Hermès model is the 41mm one. if we choose one of these two straps:

  • Noir Swift Leather Double Tour Gourmette Strap
  • Double Tour Gourmette Métal Strap in Noir Swift Leather

watch series 8 more expensive

All luxury carries many surnames. And these two straps situate the 41mm watch. at a price of 2029 euros. It is a more expensive price, if we take into account that the most expensive Apple Watch Series 8 that we can configure, costs €1,299 and is the 45m size with a gold stainless steel case with a space black link bracelet.