Is the end of your iPhone near?

If you have an iPhone 13 or earlier, you are aware that you have a device that has been on the market for more than a year, but how much life does your iPhone really have left? In this post we are going to see it the useful life of your device from a software and hardware point of view.

How much does the iPhone have left?

Like everything in this life, as the device gets older, it is losing its ability to function and its benefits until it practically ceases to be even a device that is inoperative. The process of loss of capacity and performance is the same in all devices, regardless of whether you have the PRO, SE or standard versions. Obviously, if the device has less features, the process will sharpen sooner, but the result will be the same. The kind of reference by age will be the iPhone 7, since it is the last device to stop receiving iOS updates.

Battery, the soul of the device

There are users who take very good care of the battery, with a annual degradation of 2-3% and then there are other iPhone clients that degrade the battery around 5% every year because they do not carry out correct charges or do not use official equipment that causes it to overheat.

So after 2-3 years, that’s when the battery is pretty degraded, but you can change the battery at any time, so it is a problem that can be solved even when the device is not officially sold in the Apple Store.

iOS updates

None of the users know for sure when Apple will stop giving updates to its mobile devices.It is true that Apple usually gives between 5-6 years of updates. Proof of this is that the iPhone X update to iOS 16, while the iPhone 7 had 6 years of updates.


The duration of support is a clear example of how Apple takes care of its devices down to the smallest detail. It could be concluded that the iPhone X will not receive the iOS 17 update, the iPhone XS, XR. XS Max, will not receive the update in 2024, that is, iOS 18 and so on.

hardware end

The physical components of the iPhone such as screen, camera, Face ID or the volume up and down buttons, little by little they degrade until their final break. Depending on how take care of the devices, external and internal components will have a longer life.

iPhone SE camera

If you do not put covers or protectors on it, a fall can cause the cameras and lenses to break. There are many few users who have taken care of their device well, has not presented a problem before the age of 7,being a device with many years. It does not have to be official Apple, there are high quality alternatives.

End of app updates

Even though your iPhone not receive software updates, the device is fully functional despite the lack of battery and user experience. This means that if iPhone does not update to iOS 16, it does not mean that it stops working, in fact, it is very possible that it works correctly and you do not notice differences beyond the absence of iOS updates.

iPhone 11 Pro Max green

An iPhone can stop receive app updates 10-11 years after its release, that is to say, that the useful life of the applications is much longer than the support that it receives by updates. For example, the iPhone 7 will stop receiving app updates in 2026.

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