Is the Galaxy S23 Ultra faster than the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

The company’s flagship continues to be the benchmark, the device to be beaten by all brands that offer top-of-the-range mobile telephony. This inevitably leads to numerous comparisons and tests that aim to show the potential not only of the iPhone 14 Pro, but of those devices that are launched on the market claiming to be the fastest.

After 1.2044 days, an Android device seems to have beaten an iPhone, at least on the first try. Really find out if the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is faster than the iPhone 14 Pro, as the South Korean company argues in its advertisements.

From PhoneBuff, a peculiar channel of Youtube, They have been putting each and every one of the Android mobile devices that are supposed to be high-end, face to face with the flagship iPhone of the moment, with the sole intention of verifying through a kind of practical test with real applications, what is the fastest of all.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra mounts an eighth-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, thus abandoning the Exynos that has generated so much controversy in past editions. Besides, They accompany it with 12GB of RAM memory and UFS 4.0 storage technology, the most current on the market. All this against the “old” iPhone 14 Pro Max, which mounts only 6GB of NVME RAM, with presumably inferior technology.

In the first “round” of video, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been able to open all the applications a second before the iPhone. In the second attempt, where RAM management through the Operating System plays a determining role, the iPhone has been able to open all applications just a couple of tenths of a second before the iPhone.

According to analysts, this is a technical tie based on the margin of error, what do you think?