Is the iPhone 7 worth it in 2023?

iPhone 7 Features

It’s 7. This was the slogan with which Apple introduced the iPhone 7 7 years ago, which was a device that had many advantages and few weak points. However, in this post we are going to focus on its advantages from the perspective of 2023, not from the perspective of its launch.

Speaking of its advantages, it is that a device today very cheap, and the best of all is that it is compatible with the majority of applications that exist in the App Store, so it is a device fully functional.

However, after 7 years, we found more than obvious disadvantages, especially with the presence of the A10 Fusion Processor, without yet having the Bionic name and in September 2023 the A17 Bionic chip will come out, so the difference is very big. As a consequence of porting a very old chip, it no longer receives iOS updates, staying on the previous version, that is, iOS 15. However, most App Store apps work for this device And in the event that you have one at home or a friend, the device will work well, saving the shortcomings of a device that is so many years old.

One last aspect is the battery, which is quite degraded, granting about 5 hours of active screen. Lastly, the camera, It is true that you have a 7 year old camera, so the photos have a low average quality. Of course, if you have the iPhone 7 Plus it has a double camera to zoom without losing quality.

Is the iPhone 7 worth it?

Despite being a device that is loved by a large part of the fans of The Bitten Apple, the iPhone 7 is not a recommended device today because you have not updated to iOS 16 and therefore, you will not have any updates to the new versions of iOS, except for a security patch to prevent data theft.


The device has been out of the Apple Store for several years, so it is only possible to buy it in third-party stores or individuals. In both situations, it is not advisable to make any investment, unless the device has a very low price, since, in the event that it is a third-party store, it is probably a device of second hand, so the state of the battery would be quite degraded and above all, it is possible that it has suffered a blow or fall. In case it is a particular, the situation is practically the same, since it is a device that is probably not in an optimal state and that provides a good user experience for the years that it has been on the market that, unfortunately, causes the device to suffer damage.

The iPhone 7 can be a good device if you want it as a Secondary Phone, to carry out tasks of listening to music or if you want to take it hiking or hiking and you do not want to damage the new terminal you have, but, at the beginning of 2023, it is not worth it as the main device due to its longevity and its lack of updates.