Is the MacBook Air just design?

In June 2022, Apple introduced the second generation of Apple Silicon with a refreshed MacBook Air design. A much more professional design that resembles and seeks to resemble the most professional Apple designs that is added to the new midnight color. However, this device has lights and many shadows that we will analyze below.


  • New design: the big difference from the previous generation is the complete redesign that includes the new MacBook Air. This new design follows the lines of the iPhone, iPad, iMac, and MacBook Pro, with flat edges, resembling current Apple standards.
  • The new design includes the MagSafe charger, which never had to be removed from the Mac range. The construction of the cable, the release of a USB-C and the security that this type of charger provides prevents accidents.
  • The autonomy: The battery life with the M1 Chip was extraordinary, with the M2 Chip the life has increased, so you have the best battery on the market by far.
  • Leap forward in benefits: The M2 chip has brought more power to the MacBook Air, making it a device that goes beyond consuming multimedia content and performing semi-professional tasks. This new team is prepared to perform much more advanced tasks to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop or edit videos with DaVinci Resolve.


  • Price: The price has not been proportional to the improvements that have been included, that is, the difference between different generations has been minimal. Also, the standard version does not have the highest disk speed and none of the Air series have active dissipation, so in case of high performance points, the computer components will suffer.
  • Lack of ports: the lack of ports is one of the great problems of this equipment. This MacBook Air is a computer designed for students, teachers and professionals looking for a portable device with good performance. However, this device does not have HDMI, something essential for making presentations and exposing projects and that forces us to carry one more accessory. In addition, it does not include an SD card reader, which could be an important absence, but to a lesser extent than the measure mentioned above.
  • SSD and RAM memory: 256 GB of SSD and 8 GB of RAM for a device of 1519 euros is ridiculous, forcing most users to increase RAM or SSD depending on user use, which means an increase in price already by yes high enough.

MacBook Air M2 keyboard

Is the MacBook Air M2 worth it?

The answer is depends. If you get the standard version of the MacBook Air M2 and it’s enough despite its cutbacks in hardware, it’s a good choice for you, because the moment you need to add better specs like 512 SSD and 16GB RAM, the product starts to Quickly approaching the 14-inch MacBook Pro with M1 pro chip, which has better specifications than this new Apple product.

Although the renewal of the MacBook Air is successful, with a new design and processor upgrade. However, the problem with this device is the price with an increase of more than 200 euros compared to the previous generation to be an input device. Apple’s fiscal results will determine whether this new generation has been a success or becomes a product that sales will fall to the detriment of the second-hand M1 series or third-party stores.

MacBook Air M2