Is there an Apple Pencil 3 on the way?

According to the latest leaks, this new version could revolutionize the experience of taking notes by hand and drawing on the iPad, thanks to the introduction of interchangeable magnetic tips.

The evolution of the Apple Pencil

To understand the importance of this leak, first, let’s remember how the Apple Pencil has evolved over the years. The first Apple Pencil was released in November 2015 and marked a milestone in digital pen technology. It allowed us iPad users to draw, write and take notes accurately and quite naturally, as if we were using a real pencil. Then, in November 2018, Apple launched the second generation of Apple Pencilwhich featured improvements in connectivity and incorporated wireless charging, but retained the same replaceable tip.

For years, users have had the ability to change the tip of the original or second-generation Apple Pencil as it wears out with use. However, the latest leaks suggest that Apple is taking it a step further and plans to introduce Interchangeable magnetic tips on Apple Pencil 3.

But what are these interchangeable magnetic tips?

The rumors come from Majin Bu, who claims that the Apple Pencil 3 will arrive with Interchangeable magnetic tips. The idea behind these magnetic tips is that users will be able to easily change them to suit different tasks and creation styles.

For example, for those involved in technical drawing, a specific tip could offer greater precision in lines and shapes. For those who love digital painting, there could be a tip that allows for greater expression and broader strokes. The ability to have different magnetic tips opens up a world of possibilities for digital artists and creative professionals of all kinds.

Although no specific details have been revealed about how these magnetic tips will work, it’s possible that they are designed to intelligently interact with the iPad’s screen. Apple has filed patents related to digital pencil technology in the past, suggesting that they could incorporate sensors in the tips for automatic recognition of the type of magnetic tip the Apple Pencil is currently carrying.

ipad mini 5 with apple pencil

When could we expect to see the new Apple Pencil 3?

The reality is that these are all rumors and the Apple Pencil 3 has not yet been officially announced. Since the launch of the second generation Apple Pencil in 2018, several years have passed without a major update on this product, so the third generation It has become one of the most anticipated launches for users who use the iPad in their daily lives along with the Apple Pencil. The presentation of the product could occur along with the arrival of new iPad models that could be presented in 2024.