Is there an Apple Premium Reseller near me? so you can know

If you live in a city where you don’t have an official Apple store nearby, Going to a Premium Reseller is one of the best alternatives. Although they are not stores of the brand itself, they are authorized establishments and have the support of the company. And precisely, by having that support, it is thanks to the fact that we can locate them in the store search engine on the Apple website.

How to find an Apple Premium Reseller

Within the official Apple website, there is a section called Find a distributor. Here, we can see the map of authorized distributors by Apple, depending on the location that we put. As well as its official sales points. Apple Premium Resellers are found in this section of the website, and they will be displayed when we search.

The operation of Find a dealer is quite intuitive. First of all, we will have to go to the main screen of the web. Once we are in there, we will have to go to the first section, called Sales. If we click on it, we will see a search menu consisting of two parts. In the first one, we will have to enter an address or the postal code of our city. Then, we will have to select which product we want to buy. If we want to select all of them, we will have to click on the All Products button.

Once we have the information filled in, we will have to click on the blue Go button. Here the map with the locations will appear. You have to know that Premium Resellers are going to they are marked with a black box called Premium, to the right of the location where the name is displayed. If it says Premium, we are going to be in front of a Premium Reseller, and from that same map, we can see the complete address and the products that we are going to find in that establishment.

apple premium reseller locations

From that same search engine you can also find other stores

In addition to finding Apple Premium Reseller and official points of sale (called Apple Shops), this search engine will also show us the locations of the Apple Stores that are close to the location that we have entered. But not only Apple Shop, Apple Store or Apple Premium Reseller will be shown to us. But, also, establishments that are authorized distributors, but that do not fall into any of these three categories. Those cases are, for example, retailers that sell certain Apple productsor large stores or chains of shopping centers where we will be able to buy Apple products.

Thus, the official Apple website shows us, beyond the Apple stores themselves, all those places where we can buy products or ask for advice. However, if we are looking for technical services, you have to know that this will be in a different section.

On the main Find a Dealer page, we have available a section called Service and technical support. In the same way that in the Sales section, we have authorized stores and distributors available, here we will find official repair centers authorized by Apple, with their corresponding information so that we can go to repair our products.