Is there Black Friday in Wallapop?

The last weekend of November takes place black friday, where very interesting offers are produced in all areas, including technology. However, care must be taken because we may be the target of a scam Because we find irresistible offers that certain users present on Black Friday and they are a hoax. In this post, we ask ourselves the following question: Is there Black Friday in Wallapop?

Individuals on sales for Black Friday?

We are always insecure about the ethics or morals of a seller when he exposes his product on Wallapop. To all this, we have to add when we are on the eve of Black Friday, where all companies they can lower the price of their products with the aim of increasing sales. The individuals can also do the same, since it can lower the price to be in a better position in the market, however, there are several issues that we have to take into account before launching ourselves for the offers. We are going to see below some aspects that we have to take into account.

Prices, product features

If the seller has put his product up for sale at a reduced price, he will have no qualms about showing what the price was. pre-black friday sale price to find out if there really is a real or imaginary price drop. You can also tell him if he can keep the price after Black Friday. You also have to take into account the product release date, since it may be a coincidence that the same Friday of Black Friday the product goes on sale and it did not carry the announcement on the platform several weeks or months before. It is an aspect that invites suspicion directly.

As always when we are going to buy a product in Wallapop, you have to ask everything related to Product photographs, videos of both the chassis and the operation of the iOS, and that includes the original box and invoice. If the user offers everything we ask for and offers a friendly and close treatment, it may be a potential seller for the acquisition of the product.

Black Friday in companies?

A completely different situation are for those small and medium businesses who sell their products on Wallapop, since it is companies and not individuals who make these discounts and in this sense, they are official establishmentswho want to increase their sales in this phase prior to the Christmas campaign.

Regarding that, buyers will have no doubt that this is a official or second-hand product but with the security of its quality and with the characteristics of the store in question. Being a small store, perhaps the offers are not so large compared to large stores nor will they have most of the products, but if you are looking for a device of an older generation or several, it is very possible that you will find interesting offers.

By way of conclusion, the common sense is the most important aspect in any purchase, since on many occasions we launch ourselves for offers of products for their price but that we do not need. The same thing can happen in Wallapop, since we can see a device at a very competitive price, but that we don’t really need it or that we could fall prey to a scam. Therefore, safety and caution in all types of second-hand sales purchases. Remember that even if you buy a second-hand product, in Spain there is guarantee of said product for a few months, so if you see any damage and want to return it, there is a legal mechanism to restore the purchase.