Is this bad news for the iPhone 15?

There are still many months left for the presentation of the new iPhone 15, but we have more and more information about them, since, on the one hand, we have the Developers Conference, where we will see the news of iOS 17 and, on the other hand, the iPhone production chains are receiving more information about the new iPhone, so the leaks are more and more recurring. Therefore, in this post, We are going to see the latest news about the iPhone 15.

If you liked the iPhone 14, you will love the 15.

In the fourteenth generation of the iPhone, we had a normal model and a Plus model, with the mini model disappearing. In this generation, it will be the same, since both models will maintain the sizes of 6.1 and 6.7 inches. The position and number of cameras will be the same as the previous generation, that is, two cameras and the same location, as well as the position and structure of the buttons, which will be the same as the previous generation and where it seems that they will be produced. the biggest changes are in the iPhone 15 pro and 15 Pro Max and that we address later.

Connectivity will be 5G, just like the previous generation, because Apple has not yet fully developed its own 5G chips from Qualcomm. Finally, the release date will be in September, as has been the case in recent years, where we will know for sure what the real news is, both in design and hardware, although rumors and leaks are becoming more and more definitive.

iPhone 14 and 14 plus side

Apple, following the same line it did with the 14 Pro generation, may remove the SIM card from the iPhone, that is, they only support eSIM, the new virtual cards. This measure makes sense for it to arrive in this generation, since it was launched in the US last year and it seems that this new type of cards will be implemented in the European continent. We will have to see if

The new iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 will inherit the dynamic island of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, being the biggest design change in recent years. The reason why is to improve the sales that this current generation has had, since it has not convinced many users for its price.

The novelty that many Apple users were waiting with great expectation is USB-C, the new industry standard that the European Union requires all devices to have. The iPhone 15 pro and Pro Max are going to have this new connection and according to sources it is possible that the input iPhone 15 includes it with less processing capacity or that they maintain the Lightning connector. Of course, Apple will continue to control all the sections of your device to ensure your security and privacy, so it will prevent cables that do not have IMEI certification from connecting to the fifteenth generation. On the contrary, other rumors suggest that the Lightning connection will continue on the iPhone, which will repeat the formula that it has already done with the tenth generation iPad.

Leaked iPhone 15

The processors will continue to follow the same strategic line as the previous generation, equipping the most professional models with the latest chip. However, the novelty could be that the iPhone 15 would have 6 GB of RAM, while the pro series chip would support up to 8 GB of RAM.

ios 15 on iphone 13

By way of conclusion, we find an iPhone that is very consistent with the previous generation, where the main changes could be the dynamic island, new colors and the UBS-C connection. However, if the rumors are confirmed, we are facing a very good iPhone, and, above all, a device that will generate great expectations among users.