Is your Apple computer running slow? Fix it in a few seconds

How to avoid slowing down my Mac?

macOS, at each system update or reboot, restores many background functions, to get your Mac working properly again. However, the user himself can release work to the team manually so that it can work more comfortably and efficiently. Let’s see some examples below.

Have many background apps

All open applications consume RAM memory, and if, in addition, you have a device with little memory, it is possible that it becomes saturated. To see the resources that the app is consuming, we are going to activity tracker and you will be able to see what they are consuming. The resources that each app needs makes the CPU and GPU to the maximum, even increasing the temperature of the processor.

To see what programs you have open, you usually have it in el Dock with a dot below the app. Also if we press command + tab we can see the programs that we have open. To close them, you can press command + Q key. All this makes it free programs.


Sometimes, the hard drive may have small errors that cause it to be reporting errors casually. For this, we are going to Disk Utilitiesclick at the top on first aid and then to execute. It is important to note that it is not recommended to use other apps or use the Mac while this cleaning process is running.

Two secondary aspects that nobody takes into consideration and that are very important for the hard disk is the storage of our Mac, since with a storage almost full, all the processes of the Mac will run slower and it can even cause the crash of the Mac and the loss of all the files. We have the same situation with him. desk if we have many files, since apart from giving a worse visual aspect, it also loads our hardware unnecessarily.

Remove Quick Start Apps

macbook air

There are apps like Spotify or Figma that start at the time macOS starts. To do this, we go to system preferences and we go to user and groups. Within this option we have some startup items that will start when the system starts. To eliminate them, you have to click on the mathematical symbol “less” to avoid its automatic start. If you report any problems to us, add the login password to disable it.

It is important to note that many times your Mac is slow and it is not because it has a problem, but because you want to carry out complex processes that the specifications of your system are not capable of doingboth because of the SSD memory, the processor or the RAM memory or because your computer is many years old and the updates of the app cause that slowness.

Let us know in the comments if you have ever experienced slow actions with your Mac.