Is your iPhone low on battery? Do this and it will last longer

The new operating system for the iPhone, iOS 16, has not been very good for some models, causing many users to experience a big drop in battery life. For this reason, and in order to mitigate it, in this post we will tell you what you can do to save battery life and make it last longer on your device.

Tips to save battery on iPhone with iOS 16

The battery issue is always a headache for many users, especially for those who do not have the latest iPhone models that, to a greater or lesser extent, are capable of offering good autonomy, although it also depends a lot on the model. However, both for those who have a model with more time on the market and for those who have just bought an iPhone but want to get the most out of its battery, below we will tell you what you can do to extend the hours of autonomy.

  • Beware of background updates. This is one of the processes that uses the most battery on the iPhone and consists of applications that will be continuously updating their information even if you are not using them, therefore, our recommendation is to deactivate them or keep only those that are vital for you. To do this, go to Settings> General> Background updates.

  • Another aspect that consumes more autonomy is having activated The localization, for this reason we encourage you to review in depth which are the apps or services that you really need to have access to your location, and deactivate those that do not. To do this you have to go to Settings> Privacy> Location.
  • For all users who have an iPhone with an OLED screen in their hands, one of the best ways to save battery life is to use this technology to your advantage, since black pixels are off pixels and therefore do not consume energy . For this, our recommendation is turn on dark mode and also, if you want to go one step further, use black wallpaper.
  • the famous notifications They are also a source of energy consumption, especially in those users who receive a lot throughout the day. For this reason, our recommendation is that, again, check which apps you allow to send you notifications and deactivate this possibility for those that really do not need it. To do this go to Settings > Notifications.

iPhone 14 ProMax

  • How you keep your iPhone connected to the internet is also key to saving battery life. Usually, when you are at home you usually have a good internet connection through the Wi-Fi network, therefore, our recommendation is that turn off mobile data. However, when you leave home, mobile data will be what you use to connect to the Internet, however, your iPhone will be constantly searching for Wi-Fi networks, so we advise you disable Wi-Fi when leaving home.
  • screen brightness It is also a fundamental aspect when it comes to saving battery on the iPhone. If you are a person who will be able to keep an eye on it, our recommendation is that you leave the manual brightness. However, if you are a clueless person and prefer not to worry about it and let the iPhone itself decide how much brightness the screen needs, then leave the brightness on automatic. To access this setting you have to go to Settings > Accessibility > Display and text size.