Is your iPhone's top speaker sounding low? Do this!

It has happened to all of us at some point, and surely if you are reading this it is because that volume that your iPhone came with at the beginning no longer has it, and it may be that listen very low or you can't even hear it at all.

Therefore, today we are going to see the way to solve it. Your speaker has not broken, rest assured, it has a much simpler remedy than you think, and it will only take you a few minutes to do it.

Fix top speaker sound

It is true that there is a possibility that your speaker has been damaged, however, this is very low, and in the vast majority of cases the problem comes from somewhere else.

And this is simply dirt. Even if you don't see it directly, there are thousands of specks of dust that accumulate little by little on our phones, especially if we carry it in our pants or somewhere that can accumulate it.

To solve this there are thousands of methods, however, I am going to give you what is the simplest for me. Surely there are other better ways or products, but every time this happens to me, I follow the steps that I will give you now, and the iPhone sounds like the first day again.

  1. Soak an ear swab in alcohol (or water if you don't have it).
  2. Go over the entire speaker with it.
  3. Take a needle or pin and start pressing and sliding (without fear) all over the speaker, as if you wanted to scratch it.
  4. Blow hard to remove any residue and then dry any moisture that remains from the alcohol.

Ready, if you do the steps with enthusiasm and without fear (since nothing will happen to it) you will have cleaned more than you think. You just have to put the phone to your ear and play something. If you notice that things are going much better, but it is still not perfect, you will know that the method works, you just have to do it with more enthusiasm.

Whenever a friend asks me why it doesn't work for them, I explain this to them, and the truth is that it has always worked for them. If not, you may have to try other methods or the failure may not be related to its clogging due to dust.

activate speaker automatically

So nothing, now it's your turn, and if you try it, which I imagine you will, leave us a comment with the results so that the rest of the people can see if the trick really works or not. I do it from time to time and it's wonderful. By always wearing it in your pants it ends up accumulating a lot of dirt.

The method not only works for this speaker, but for all of them, and even the charging port can stop working, or connect in a much worse way, due to accumulated dirt.