Is your Mac not connecting to the internet? The solution is very simple

basic tips

Everyone knows most of the tips that we start below, but they are actions that are important to carry out because they can often solve connection problems. Before starting to configure or modify settings on your Mac, it is recommended reset the Wi-Fi network or restart the Wi-Fi network. This will reconnect the MacBook Pro to it and may fix the setup issue. Still, you can also check if the connections of the router are placed correctly and there are no loose cables. These tips are basic, but they solve many connection problems.

A third very interesting piece of advice is analyze whether the problem is with a specific computer or with several computers. For example, if you have several Apple devices and only one of them has problems, it indicates that this device is the one that reports problems and, therefore, we have to try to find out what your problem is and its advanced solutions, which we will analyze below. continuation.

advanced tips

The advanced tips are intended for professionals and amateurs. It is true that we are going to introduce ourselves a little in the system, but you will not have any problem if you follow the indicated steps:

First of all, you go to terminal and put “Ping” This reference indicates “Google” and we see the amount of internet that reaches our device in the form of small packets. In this way we can see the stability of the internet over time and see if there are significant drops or increases in performance. If this is the case, it is best to have a technician from the company attend.

The second option, in system preferences, is to deactivate and delete that Wifi, so that all the information related to that Wifi is eliminated. Also, if you press option + wifi we see that much more sections appear where we can correctly analyze what the problem we have with the Mac is and how to solve it.

A third option is in disk utilities, in the disk window click on “First aid”. This process requires power from your disk, so it is advisable to close all the programs that are running so that the Wi-Fi network is analyzed properly. The execution time will be proportional to the space occupied by it.

disk utility

One last option is in Finder, click on MacintoshHD and in the window Library select Preferences. Here we are going to do two things: on the one hand, we are going to take these files and paste them into a new folder and then we are going to delete all the files from the library. Next we reboot the Mac and see if the new Wi-Fi settings load. If it doesn’t load for whatever reason, we have a saved copy that we made earlier. This way we can continue enjoying the Wi-Fi network but with limitations.

System preferences

Go to an Apple Store or format the Mac

If the problem subsides, the best option is to go to an Apple Store or STA to have the equipment thoroughly analyzed in case you have a problem with the Wi-Fi tablet. They themselves can format the equipment after a backup copy and if the problem persists, the technician himself will carry out the pertinent analyzes to correct the problem.