It costs 1000 euros and it is not good for sports. WTF?

Last September, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra, an extremely expensive device designed for elite athletes looking for professional activity monitoring as well as geolocation and emergency features in the event of an accident. However, there are many aspects that make this Watch a device for semi-professional use rather than professional use and that we are going to analyze below.

The Apple Watch is not intended for professional athletes

There are many specifications and professional use that Apple promoted in the presentation of its flagship Smartwatch. However, there are key sports issues that this Watch lacks and lags behind the competition.

  • Battery: The battery of this new device lasts two days and in standby mode up to three days. It is a much shorter duration than the 15-20 days that Garmin offers on its devices. Therefore, they are not intended for extreme activities lasting several days because the device runs out of battery. A solution could be that your iPhone had reversible charging. However, it is an option that no iPhone currently includes. Consequently, the Watch is intended for users who carry out professional activities, but who can charge the device daily.
  • Price: The 999 euros that the device starts at is a very high price compared to the premium watches of the competition that are around 600 euros.
  • Sensors: sensors such as maximum and minimum performance, recovery time, routes and markers of Tracks are some of the functions that the Apple Watch Ultra does not include and that the competition in this sector includes.
  • Does not offer added value: Apple Watch Ultra does not offer added value compared to professional Smartwatches. It is true that it offers the oceanic+ app that some of its direct rivals do not include. However, the competition offers Smartwatches focused on specific sports with specific specifications that Apple Watch Ultra does not offer.

What does the Apple Watch offer?

There are sections where the Apple Watch yes it has taken a step forward and differential regarding the competition. Among them, the steel button stands out, customizable action which allows you to do things like control a workout, mark a compass waypoint, start a dive, or most importantly start a shortcut. Along with this, the SOS emergency sensor and the compass make them a very interesting device for those users whose Apple Watch series 8 or earlier falls short of features.

The design and screen renovation makes many users feel that this Apple Watch is a real renewal of their Apple Watch and not a continuation from previous generations. In addition, it is the best device to enjoy the Apple ecosystem. Therefore, if you are looking for synchronization between all your devices, this Apple Watch is a great option.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple device designed only for Apple users

The Apple Watch Ultra is a device designed for users who exercise semi-professionally, but do not do great activities. Users who go hiking for several hours or perform complex activities for a short-medium period of time. Therefore, it is a direct evolution of the Apple Watch series 8, but it is not a revolution to directly compete with the great leaders in the sector such as Garmin.

At no time can we determine that it is a bad purchase, but you had in mind to change your professional watch for the Watch Ultra, perhaps there are many options or sensors that you miss because this Watch has many benefits, but also important shortcomings.