It is expensive but nobody regrets buying it, why?

One of the accessories that raised the most controversy when MagSafe arrived on the iPhone 12 was the famous Apple wallet. Apparently it seemed like a very simple accessory, however, the price that users had and have to pay to acquire it is not low at all. Of course, hardly anyone regrets having bought it, and in this post we are going to tell you the reasons for it.

One of the “advances” of recent years in the iPhone has been the incorporation of MagSafe technology on the back of it. This has not only allowed users to add one more charging option, but has also opened up a huge range of possibilities to play with different accessories, in fact, since then different gadgets have not stopped coming onto the market that take more or less original this technology.

One of these accessories is the Apple Wallet, that is, the wallet that the Cupertino company itself launched on the market when MagSafe technology was announced in the iPhone 12. In fact, with the iPhone 13 generation, the Wallet returned to be improved, incorporating one of the most outstanding functions and for which it is most worth buying this wallet. Now we tell you.

Advantages of the Apple Wallet

We must start from the basis that we are talking about a wallet, whose main purpose is to allow users to store their identification cards, credit or debit cards, or even introduce the odd bill. Now, this is not a simple wallet, and then we will tell you about the advantages it has.

  • manufacturing materials they are of exquisite quality, and you only have to touch the Wallet to realize that it is a very premium product. Now, you have to keep in mind that being leather, it will wear out with use, which will also give it a different touch.
  • Features MagSafe technology and it is that this was the trigger for its appearance, not only are you going to carry the cards well kept, but they can always be attached to your iPhone.
  • Network Compatible Search. This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting functions and one that not many users know about. Apple Wallet is in-network searchable, so if you lose your wallet with your cards in it, you can always use an Apple device to find it.
  • Fits perfectly to the number of cards. Obviously it is a very minimalist bag, designed for those users who want to carry the essentials. The good thing is that the quality of its materials means that you can vary the number of cards you carry inside without fear of the wallet becoming deformed and endangering the integrity of the cards.

wallet and iPhone

Now, as we said at the beginning of the post, if this portfolio was criticized for anything, it was because of its price. Currently it costs 69 euros acquire it, and although it is not a very high price, it is certainly an amount to take into account, since we are talking about a portfolio. However, the reality is that the vast majority of users who have bought it have not regretted it, on the contrary, they express their good experience with it, stating that it was worth the investment.