At the end of April, we already talked about this rumor that the new iPhone 15 Pro Max could come with a new lens system and a much improved optical zoom. Now, again, this option is being rumored again and it seems that with the beginning of WWDC so close, it is a rumor that can come true and that many users really want it to be something effective. Because no one doubts the quality of the iPhone’s images, but of course, its camera suffers from many features that other competing models have, and one of them is that optical zoom.

Once again, the rumor that would indicate that the new iPhone 15 Pro Max would get a substantial improvement in its camera comes to the fore. The user @URedditor on Twitter reaffirms that this iPhone model would come with a new Periscope camera system and an improved zoom of up to 6 magnifications but in optical mode. The one in which the photograph does not lose quality and where the software does not crop. That is an improvement.

the analyst states that the news has been confirmed, but we we will continue to treat it as a rumorAt least until there is official confirmation from Apple, which will not be until the development of WWDC.

When using Periscope technology, what happens is that the light absorbed by the sensor is doubled. This allows a greater distance between the elements of the camera, thus allowing the existence of a larger optical zoom. As we said, it is not something new in the sector and in fact other brands already have it, but it is an important step. Even if others have it, if we couple Apple’s software capabilities with the right technology like this, the visuals will be brutal. especially using a Zoom so high for such a small sensor.

for now it will only be the Pro Max model Who has that technology?