It is the cheapest iPad and on top of that it has a discount. Take advantage!

The 9th generation iPad is still a great device despite the fact that those from Cupertino have already presented its renewal and evolution, and it is difficult to find a device with a better quality/price ratio. If you add to this the discount that this iPad has on Amazon, it becomes an almost obligatory purchase for many users. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

discounts available

As the launch date of the new 10th generation iPad approached, everyone thought that this 9th generation was going to disappear from the map, and in fact that would have been the most common move by Apple. However, because the 10th generation iPad has risen considerably in price compared to this, the Cupertino company has decided to keep the 9th generation iPad in its catalog, something that, of course, many users celebrate. It is the cheapest iPad model that you can find at Apple, but on top of that, Amazon has a series of really interesting discounts that we leave you below.

  • iPad 9th generation with 64 GB of storage
    • Silver color: 30 euros discount.
    • Space gray color: 57 euros discount.

  • iPad 9th generation with 256 GB of storage
    • Silver color: 130 euros discount.
    • Space gray color: 100 euros discount.

Is this 9th generation iPad worth it?

Surely, after the launch of its renovation, the 10th generation iPad, many users who were thinking and who are thinking of buying this model may wonder to what extent it is worth having other options on the market. Well, as we said, the 9th generation iPad will surely be one of the Apple devices with the best quality/price ratioand it is ideal for all those users who want a cheap iPad, which allows them to carry out their basic Internet browsing tasks and even write a document.

It is true that in terms of power, it is far from its older brothers, since it has the A13 Bionic chip, but it is capable of carrying out many tasks without batting an eye. It is compatible with the 1st generation Apple Pencilwhich of course is great for students to be able to take notes and make their notes directly from this iPad, and it also has compatibility with the Smart Keyboard. In addition, you have to keep in mind that the port it has is Lightning and not USB-C, so when it comes to connecting different accessories or storage units, it is more limited.

iPad 9

Now, you have to take into account the price of this iPad and its difference with the rest of the models, so for those users who want something very cheap and do not have the need to connect hard drives or accessories to their iPad, this is undoubtedly the most suitable model for them and the one that will best serve them in their day to day life.

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