It just can’t be! Incredible iPad 9th Generation Discount

Apple has a wide variety of iPads in its catalog, from the top-of-the-range iPad Pros to the entry-level iPads, known as student iPads, divided into two levels: iPad 9th and 10th generation. Due to the current price hike by all manufacturers, the price of the cheapest iPad has gone up as well. However, in this article we show a Incredible 9th-generation iPad deal at MediaMark which makes it a device to take into account.

The offer is absolutely amazing

From the official Apple website, there are usually no discounts on any of its products or accessories, since the starting price is the price that it keeps on the market until the renewal of the device or its discontinuation. However, there are times when online platforms such as Amazon or MediaMark they launch offers on Apple products, where value for money acquires value. In this case, we highlight an offer incredible from the Mediamark platform.

It is true and all users know that Apple products are units very expensive and that, many times, they have an excessive price. However, we know that in the end you end up paying every penny of what the product costs due to its materials, support provided by Apple, security and all the benefits of the iPad App Store and its keyboard, Apple Pencil and its great incentive: iPadOS.

A few lines below we will comment on whether it is really worth it, but for now, we will leave you the discounts below. The price of the device on the official Apple website is 479 euros, a difference of more than 100 euro.

  • iPad 9th generation, Wifi version, with 64 GB, Wifi and spatial colour: 355 euros.
  • iPad 9th generation, Wifi version, with 64 GB, Wifi and silver color: 355 euros.

Within the purchase of the product, you can apply the extended warranty services offered by Mediamark, such as the warranty for accidental damage or accidental breakage, the anti-crash protector and its installation, as well as Tech Help, a 1-hour home service technical assistance .

Is this iPad 9 really worth it?

The continuity of this iPad within its structure received a lot of criticism after the launch of the tenth generation iPad. However, Apple is aware that the iPad 10 is a cheap device, so, has maintained the previous generation in its product catalogue, so that those students and users that have a basic use, can have a device with a great price ratio.


This iPad, despite being the more economical, we can say emphatically that it is a bad or not recommended iPad, if not quite the opposite, since it can be useful for the vast majority of users. Among its main features, the compatibility with the 1st generation Apple Pencil and with him Apple Smart Keyboardin addition to being the only iPad that Apple sells that maintains the traditional design with borders and Touch ID on the center button.


Therefore, by way of conclusion, we can say that if you are a user looking for an iPad for notes next to Apple Pencil at the university, to view multimedia content, browse the internet or carry out a text document and, above all, for a very affordable price, this is your iPad.

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