Touch ID technology has been replaced, some time ago, by Face ID. That does not mean that many continue to yearn to put their fingerprint on the central button of the iPhone to unlock it, make purchases and many other functions that require extra security. It seems that Apple has been trying to implement this method again, but in an improved way. But rumors indicate that, although it has been raised, tested and studied, it seems that finally will not return this technology to any iPhone model.

Every time we have a new iPhone model in the making, we check how rumors indicate that it could come again with Touch ID. The iPhone 14 has already been launched and we see how we continue with Face ID. The technology that has changed several times and has evolved according to the needs. It was a good idea to unlock the phone with your face, until a pandemic hit and we all needed masks. Apple adapted it, it took a long time, but while that was happening you had to unlock it with the code. Many of us are starting to miss Touch Id, which doesn’t work with gloves either… a sum and goes on. The ideal would be a conjunction of both, but it seems that this will not happen.

According to a new report released by Mark Gurman in the form of a rumor, it is more than likely that Apple will not bring Touch ID back to any iPhone model. Of course, the new version would not consist of a physical button. It would be to take the fingerprint on the phone screen itself. As we said, it has been tested and studied, but it also seems that it has been definitively discarded. We don’t know the reason. Either why it doesn’t work as expected or why they almost certainly don’t see it as useful or more beneficial than Face ID.