It’s here! Apple just introduced the 10th generation iPad

New design for the iPad

The only iPad model that remained to update its design was just this one, well, here we have the revolution that many users were crying out for. This 10th generation iPad already has that all-screen design that the iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro boasted. Without a doubt, it is a walk ahead of this model, since it allows those users who do not want to spend a lot of money , have a really attractive team.

This design change also implies that in the same size, you can enjoy a larger screen than its previous version, which had 10.2 inches. Now take the screen size of the iPad Air, that is, 10.9 inches. But beware, there are not only changes in the front, since its design has also been modified from behind, getting very close to what the current iPad Air is. This new design includes a really striking modification, and that is that it is the first iPad model that has a camera on the side of it, and not on the top like the rest of the models, being a clear statement of intent that this iPad is intended to be used horizontally. In addition, this position of the camera allows a focused approach, which for many students and users will be a very interesting change when it comes to having meetings at work or with friends.

Unfortunately, this new iPad does not bring compatibility with the 2nd generation Apple Pencilbut the 1st generation is still compatible with the basic iPad of the Cupertino company, however, what has changed is the keyboard and, although not compatible with Magic Keyboardyes it is with the new Apple keyboard, the Magic Keyboard Folio. One more reason for users to bet on this entry range that, now, has become really attractive, and not only because of its price, although it has suffered an increase compared to its predecessor, the 9th generation iPad. The 64GB version starts at 579 euros, an entry version perhaps somewhat small. If you want to buy more space, the 256 Gb version is priced at 779 euros. Finally, if you want have this iPad on launch daywhich is the October 26th, you can now do the booking corresponding, being available in really striking and attractive colors, which are the following.

The least striking, but most important change is this

Surely, the least striking but most important change, for all that it implies, is the inclusion of USB-C as a port on this iPad. Say goodbye to Lightning, finally, and now allows users of this device to connect many more accessories than were previously allowed. At a functional level, it is surely the most notable change, since the range of possibilities when using this iPad is much greater.

Obviously, when talking about this new iPad, we must mention the chip that it will have, and here Apple has left a good space between this model and the Air, since it does not make the leap to the M series processors. with the A14 Bionicwhich is more than enough to carry out most of the tasks that the user who acquires this device will have to do.


In short, it is a really powerful renewal, the largest that this iPad model has received so far, since if before it was one of the most recommended purchases for its quality/price ratio, now it charges much more points for the range of potential buyers increases considerably.