It’s not you, the new iPhone 14 Pro are having problems

Apple does not seem to have started the launch of the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max on a very good foot, since there are several problems that are arising during these first days of use. For this reason, in this post we are going to talk about what is affecting the cameras of both models, something that for many users is being really annoying.

The launch of the iPhone 14 Pro models certainly nor is it being at all what was expected by the Cupertino companyand we cannot say that everything is going smoothly, on the contrary, there are several drawbacks which Apple has had to face in these first days of life of both models.

The first problem with these devices was in their version of iOS 16, so much so, that all iPhone 14 had and have an update ready to carry it out right out of the box, with the aim that existing problems do not affect users in that first contact with the device. However, many of these had serious problems initially configuring their device, causing them to not get off to a very good start.

Problems with the cameras of the Pro models

Well, this has not stopped there, since although the version of iOS 16.0.1 was capable of solving those initial problems, with these first days of use many users have suffered, again, another problem that has to do with the software on their computers and that, at least for now, Apple has not been able to solve.

The problem lies mainly in the use of iPhone cameras with external applications like Instagram TikTok, Snapchat… Users would have reported a really unpleasant tremor when recording videodirectly with these applications, which practically makes it impossible to use them.

iPhone 14 Pro

Far from being a specific problem for some users, the reality is that this is affecting a large number of them. Of course, everything indicates that it is a software bugsince this tremor is not present in the camera application, so it is ruled out, fortunately, that the problem is within the iPhone cameras.

Therefore, the only thing to do is wait for the Cupertino company to launch, again, a new version of iOS 16 that is capable of solving these problems that users are having. In fact, it has been Apple’s own spokespersons who have reported on the possible release date of this update, which seems to take place next week, so until then users will have to continue to suffer from this problem when create content directly on these social networks.

Fortunately, this is not something usual within AppleIn fact, quite the opposite, since if this company is characterized by something, it is for being able to offer truly reliable hardware and software products that provide a great user experience. Proof of this is the large number of updates that are carried out throughout a year.